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February 24th, 2013, 11:59 AM
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I don't stick myself on a regular basis any more no. Just when i remember really. I have regular hb1ac tests thou like every 3 month. I'am on meds i take (don't know if they are the same as i'm in England) 200g Met formin a day as well as 100g of Glimperide they docotrs said that while pregnant i couldn't take meds as it harmed the baby so i had to inject myself upto 4 times a day.
I found it hard to find what to eat but you get used to it its trial and error at first with eating and testing you learn to see what gives you high sugars and you can cut it out or cut it back. A lot of bad sugars are in carbs and thats what got me with mine. i had to cut a few stuff out. But what was bad for me might be ok for you it just depends on how your body takes it. Really bad ones are pizza and bread they tend to be bad for pretty much anyone who has t2.

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