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February 24th, 2013, 02:53 PM
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8 weeks 4 days (Pasting contents of my ultrasound post here)
It went great!! She immediately saw the baby and oh to my surprise it was an abdominal ultrasound with my bladder emptied! Yay. Baby measured exactly on target based on my calculations 8 weeks & 4 days But the technician decided to stick to the estimate of 8 weeks 1 day based on my LMP since the difference was only 3 days I am going to leave my ticker as it is though. Nobody's taking away 3 days from me especially when the baby agrees
The heart rate was 176 I asked her where the placenta was and she said its everywhere...but may be more on the left and less on the right. Based on Ramzi's method it's probably a girl we'll see. And here is a pic of my teddy bear, although not very clear.(Its a pic of a pic)

I feel so happy and relieved now. All that m/s was worth this moment

9 weeks February 24th 2013
I more week eek, it does seems to pick up pace now My ticker has moved to the next box showing a very real baby like image I love it! Yesterday was our 7th anniversary and it was such a great day. I am so blessed to have met my husband!! Seven years (plus 1 yr before we got married) have flown by so quickly. We went out to PFChangs for lunch and then shopped and ordered a new king bed as our old one had to be discarded. And then in the evening we went to a birthday party where I told all my friends about the pregnancy! I found out that there were three more in my circle that are pregnant - I love having the company It was such a lovely day. MS had been at bay all day! Only at the end of the day when I was about to go to bed I had some nausea. Curling up in my bed helped. We had told DD about the baby after we had the ultrasound appointment. At first she didn't seem too interested. But today she drew a picture of two big hearts, one little heart and a tiny heart inside one of the big hearts and said that's daddy, mommy, herself and the little heart inside mommy was the bay I all but teared up. She kisses my belly now to "kiss" the baby. She is just so adorable. Nausea has been at bay today too. DH went grocery shopping and stocked me up with so many snacks, ginger candy, ginger soda etc. I love love love him. That's it for this update, hope the MS tapers off and I can start picking up the slack and do all the cooking and the cleaning that my poor DH has been managing all by himself.
Expecting baby girl September 29th

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