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February 24th, 2013, 03:52 PM
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Originally Posted by FishermansWife4 View Post
Lurking.....It ain't over till the ugly witch shows!!!! How is everything going right now? I'm still praying for you!
Hey!!! Everything else is going well right now. I'm so excited because tomorrow is our second month/session at my fire/ems wives support group. I talked to one of the leaders of our support group yesterday and that was great for me because I had some things I needed to get off my chest. At the end of our conversation she prayed with me and for me and my family. Just felt this peace come over me and it was incredible. I went to church today and I needed that so much.While I was singing, just felt like I was getting a big hug and He was telling me that He hears me and my prayers. I really appreciate and treasure your prayers too!!! I am so happy and excited for you!!! Thanks so much for checking on me

Originally Posted by Whiskey View Post
Sending tons of hugs! Hang in there honey. I'm sorry that you're feeling so bad.
Thanks Jen for checking on me and giving me a hug. I really need a big hug.

Originally Posted by chachartier View Post
Oh my goodness, all those emotions... I am still expecting to see that BFP any day now!!!! Keep posting, we are here for you and all rooting for you!!!
Thanks ChaCha!!! I know my emotions are all over the place. Pretty sure DH probably thinks I am losing it since I am on this emotional roller coaster. I am just so thankful for JM and for all the wonderful ladies on here!!! I know we are all rooting for each other and wishing BFPs for each other. I took another Wal-Mart 88 cent cheapie since I woke up and no AF and it came up a bfn, here are the pics of the test.

Pregnancy Test Gallery - Image #101825 | Countdown to Pregnancy

Pregnancy Test Gallery - Image #101823 | Countdown to Pregnancy

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