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February 24th, 2013, 03:58 PM
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Here are my pictures!!

before I got pregnant :

the positive test!

4 weeks 5 days- lower stomach sticking out a bit!! feeling bloated/pufffy (up three pounds in water weight)

5 weeks! starting to bloat even more... ignore the just rolled out of bed look (because I did)

6 weeks (tattoo side)

6 weeks!!! super bloated- there's definitely like an inch and a half of bloat/fluff/squish on top of my abs that is normally only like half an inch of squish... ready for that part to deflate soon!

7 weeks.... I think bloating is the highest it has ever been at this point-- everything feels squishy/full of water... can't wait for it to go down !!!

8 weeks today- in my ninth week- I think bloating is at it's maximum now.... and it is GOING to go down back to normal by 10 weeks because I am so uncomfortable!!!

9 weeks. water retention is going down a bit, but bloating is still there... I can still see my abs though! feeling super icky (excuse the just rolled out of bed face and hair!)

I missed the 10th week because I was getting married and was super busy!!!

there's a huge difference from 9 weeks to 11 weeks, this is actually 11 weeks 2 days :

definitely looking like it's lower... which means its uterus not just bloat!

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