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February 24th, 2013, 08:21 PM
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We haven't really discussed sexuality exactly, but she does know how babies are made. Up until recently, I told her that babies are made when a mommy and a daddy are in love and decide they want a baby and then they ask God to help them. The other night at dinner, she asked me how exactly the baby gets in there. I didn't discuss the actual act of sex but I did explain that the mommy has eggs and the daddy has sperm and the sperm swims to meet the egg. She wanted more details so we discussed the zygote, the multiplication of cells, and the development of a fetus. She also knows that the ultrasound doctor can tell us if the baby is a boy or a girl by looking at the private parts. All of our discussions have been more on the scientific processes though, and not about the sexual aspects of anything.
She has seen me naked but we try to avoid her seeing dh without clothes. If our next is a boy, I will probably try not to be naked around him after age 2 or 3. London has been to art museums where there are obviously pictures and statues of naked people.
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