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February 24th, 2013, 08:47 PM
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1. What if all you knew to be true about your spiritual beliefs was found to be false? What would be your next step. I'd start back at square one to figure out what exactly would be true. I really believe that life is about learning and growing and changing.

2. What if you had 30 seconds to explain your beliefs to someone? What would you say. I follow an nature based path and don't necessarily believe in nor deny that there are gods or goddesses. Whether it be one or many.

3. What if you could go to any spiritual location in the world? What would be your choice. Karnak

4. What if you could only wear one color forever? Whats your choice? purple

5. What if you could only say 5 more words before a year long vow of silence begins? What would your words be. To my husband and kids I'd say: I love you forever & always.
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