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February 25th, 2013, 06:10 AM
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I'm wondering if any one can help me... i am 28 day late for my period,i am feeling sick, extremely tired and my breasts are very very tender. I have done about 5 hpt and all came back negative. Last week i went and had a blood test to confirm my suspicion, but it came back negative. Is it possible to still be pregnant?
I went back to the doctors today as i have started having pinkish/brown discharge with a little low abdominal pain, i then explain my situation to a different doctor and she said that it is all im my head and what i think is spotting is actuall my period coming. I felt very uspet by her comment but i refuse to believe that it is all in my head, as i feel pregnant. I asked the doctor if it was possible for people to suffer will low levels of hcg hormones when being pregnant and she just said that the blood pregnancy test are more accurate then the urine test and never actual answered my question.
i feel like i am going mad, is it still possible to be pregnant??????
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