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February 25th, 2013, 08:55 AM
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So ds was in his carseat in a smallershopping cart at the dollar store and I turned and it flipped out. He was strapped in and he landed face down. Itwas awful! Ge cried a little and then just wanted to snugglee and sleep. Poor baby! I didnt see any bruises aside from a pink mark on his head. He ate and woke up acting normal the rest of the day. The next day he was super ctanky and sleepy. Nothimself at all! I had bern suspecting an ear infection for awhile since he hada cold and was pulling at his ears so I made a doctors appointment. Right before we left I happened to feel his head where the pink mark was and it felt softer and swollen. I was really worried.

Anyway he did have an ear infection and the doctor ordered a head xray. He had a skull fracture. I was so upset but the doc said hespoke with a specialist and as long as he wasn' t showing signs of brain trauma there is nothing to do but let it heal. It has been sooooo hard to watch him but he seems to be feeling better now and back to himself. He seems to feel pain at night and has a soft bump on the side of his head which breaks my heart. Its really hard to keep in eye on him so he doesnt bump it again. He is starting to try walking and is a very curious mobile baby. I am just so happy to seehis smiles returning and his silly ways.

Anyway, even though I would be extra careful and its so much easier to put the carseat on the cart...I dont think I can ever do it again. Be careful mommies! It happend often I hear now and if it happens to your little one, even when its an accident, it is so hard to not feel terrible for letting it happen! If I werent pregnant I would use the ergo when shopping. I might try the maya sling nxt time or just strap him into the seat in the cart. They can flip out there too but it just seems safer because they are strapped and its easier to hold on to them.
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