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February 25th, 2013, 12:14 PM
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Progression pictures from 8w to 12w.


15w... I wonder how long I'll be able to keep using this tank top. Sorry for the blurriness - didn't realize it was that bad until I uploaded it. Same goes for the mirror, which is now spot-free.

18w today. Still with family and oddly I can't find any mirrors long enough to take a normal picture, but here's one from the iPad.

20w! Halfway there!

21w Took this pre-shower so no face pictures today.



25w! Side and front view - I'm just excited that it's obvious from the front now. Don't mind the hotel room - dh and I are both out of town for a couple of days. He's got some work stuff that's keeping him here until Friday and I tagged along, mainly because I could.

26w2d - I totally forgot to update earlier this week. Here's some bare belly goodness, too. Please ignore our closet area and the explosion of clothes that have yet to the unpacked and hung up properly!

27w More work travel this week.

28w, hurray! Still trying to decide the best place to take pictures at the new house.

29w today.

She might just be lying differently this week, but holy CRAP I look a lot bigger in one week's time! 30w!

31w! Same shirt not intentional.


34w... maybe dropping?


36w. Hopefully the last bit of work travel...



And my last belly picture before E's surprise arrival! This was 38w2d.

*Excitedly expecting baby girl number two!*

Thank you to Babydoll213 for my fabulous siggie!

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