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February 25th, 2013, 12:26 PM
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Hi everyone,
Iím feeling confused and was hoping all of your experiences can help me.* Hereís a really quick background on me.* Iím 35, DH is 31.* We tried Clomid 3 times with no success so went onto Gonal-F 900 pen with dosage of 150 and Lupron.* We had 3 follies when I triggered and did IUI, got a BFP on our first try!* We now have a beautiful 2 year old daughter.* We decided we were ready to try for #2.* My dr said the injectables worked so well last time we would start with them.* He prescribed the same dosage and I started my shots 2/20.* I have been monitored every few days and after Saturdayís ultrasound he said I have a lot of follies, so dial the gonal-f down to 75 instead of 150 and continue the Lupron.* I went today for blood work and ultrasound, the tech told me I had 4 follies on my right, and a lot on my left.* She started rattling off sizes but the biggest was 15mm with a bunch of 14mmís and then smaller from there.* She said the dr would be calling me once he reviews the results and blood work.* Well hereís my confusion:* the nurse just called and said the dr is really happy with how things look, it looks great so tonight no gonal-f just Lupron, come in tomorrow for blood work and another ultrasound, bring your trigger shot, cause depending what he seeís there might be IUI on Wednesday.* Iím confused because I thought they like to see the follies be between 18-22 in size.* If my biggest is on 15mm tomorrow is might be 16mm but I feel like itís too small.* Also, I was really hoping for more than one good follie.* Iím wondering if because I had so many 14mm he wants only the now 15mm to ovulate because if he waits longer the 14ís might all grow and Iíll ovulate them all???* I have no idea. I wish he had called instead of the nurse.* Iím sorry, I know this is long and confusing, Am I right that the follies are supposed to be between 18-22?* Do you think heís having me trigger early because he wants to avoid cancelling the cycle b/c thereís so many follies?
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