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February 25th, 2013, 12:45 PM
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Keller is not a procrastinator at bedtime. He tells us that he's going to bed and I practically have to chase him down to get a kiss before he crawls into bed. Though if I let him go to bed on his own, he would sleep in his clothes without going pee and without brushing his teeth. So I still have to monitor.

Isla is my procrastinator...OH MY WORD. Who was I to think that if I had the same routine for both kids, I'd get the same result?! HA! She wants a blanket, doesn't want it, her jammies itch, wrong sippy cup, binky has a hair on it, not enough binkies, door isn't open enough, too light, too dark, another book, snuggles, blah blah could go on until daylight I swear. LOL

Isla 10/27/10 and Keller 4/26/08
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