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February 25th, 2013, 01:53 PM
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Michelle, I have no idea how we did it to be honest! I wasn't even planning on doing it, just was sitting on the couch and said what if Santa called and asked Alicia for all her pacis to give to babies...wonder if she would do it. It was so strange cause a few mins later my phone rang, it was some random (you won a cruise) call and I pretended it was Santa calling for her and obviously faked a whole convo about them. She fell for it, I gave her a box she collected all her pacis and I put them away saying Santa is gonna pick them up that night and give her a present in exchange cause she's a big girl and the babies need the pacis.

Needless to say I spent about 50 bucks, got her a scooter and Rachel a baby to which they woke up to the next morning- that's the presents she picked from the toys r us site,. We just kept talking Santa and the babies all day that day and next. The present kept her busy the next day, I think keeping her busy was key. Everytime she whined about it I reminded her that Santa took them and babies blah blah and found a different activity to do. Day 3 was the worse that's when all the "magic" wore off but we are on day 4 and just fine. She seriously was addicted and had that paci in her mouth at least 20hrs a day. If we can do it, Holly can!!! Its all about the right timing and keeping busy I think? But she is less whining now then before, very odd loll Anyway that's my longgggggg story thanks for listening LOL

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