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February 25th, 2013, 02:48 PM
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I love you guys!! Thank you!!

I had the most interesting IUI yet... We were at the main hospital and it was the on call Dr whom I haven't dealt with yet. He was very nice and started talking to us about how he does the spin and wash and said that there was a lot of mucus and that DH should start taking Vit. C So we explained our history and the bucket of things DH is on. After he heard us out he asked if we have ever tried an antibiotic course for DH? And we had not. I mentioned DH has a borderline high PH (9) and I have always wondered if there was something going on because high PH means infection. I mentioned this to the urologist a year ago and he said it was not an issue. But now hearing that there were a bunch of white blood cells suspending the sperm I am annoyed we weren't told to try it! So he wrote dh an rx right then and there
He told us to mention the semen liquefaction if we have to have another IUI because it should be washed slightly differently.
I am also annoyed he was the only Dr to mention this (our Dr knows but I have seen a few others for IUIs) and makes me wonder if they bothered prepping differently for this. And since all his SAs have shown this, I doubt the IUIs showed anything different y/k? The Dr said that they very well just didn't mention it and di treat it differently but...
So he said we did lose sperm because of this. They get suspended in the mucus and can't get spun out of it But he said there was a good amount of sperm so we are not out
And we got pg last cycle so something works.

Anyway, thought i would share in case anyone has similar issues!
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