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February 25th, 2013, 03:46 PM
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Ugh! I have no energy, could fall asleep any minute, my head is goofy, (lol, thats the only was i can describe it, kinda dizzy, and slight headache combined), everytime i cough or sneeze i get sharp pains in my lower belly (kind of like ligament pains, which I get crazy early, often first symptom) and all of a sudden i got so sick to my stomach for like 2 hours. Thats gone, but I have no appitite today.

I am only 6 dpo, so probably too early for pregnancy symptoms, but im hoping! Oh and my nipples started hurting 2 dpo, and hove gotten worse everyday, I can even stand it if the brush up against something.

On another note, i started testing out the trigger yesterday, 6dpt, and it was light, but there. Today, you have to really squint to see it, i would for sure call it a BFN if I was testing for pregnancy. Last time i had the trigger, it was still fairly dark 8dpt, and I was getting light BFP until I got af. Is it normal to be so different, it was the same dose.

Hoping it gets darker soon! I have a really good feeling about this cycle, even with the dreaded IVF talk, and I kinda wish I didnt, because it just makes it harder when I find out it didnt work
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