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February 25th, 2013, 06:01 PM
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I am here. I have been having some difficulties with it, But just got a travel pump. What is frustrating for me is that when the baby is hungry I have to pump then give it to him. Its a two step process every time. If I left the baby with my husband for long enough to run out of stored milk, then the baby is crying the whole time I am pumping. then I was pumping every two hours, but when I was allowed to sleep or go out for a while and then I started to have production problems. OR foremilk/hindmilk problems. So I had to commit myself to pumping every two hours without fail. (hence the travel pump) My husband has a tendancy to reach for the formula, which I don't like, but he keeps saying its not like its poison...its just that the breastmilk is better and as long as he is getting more breastmilk than formula. And that hes still going to be better then exclusively formula fed babies. I get his logic but like you, I don't think he realizes I'm putting all this work in for a reason.
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