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February 25th, 2013, 06:09 PM
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Hi ladies,

I'm Beverly and have perused the boards from time to time. I am currently bf'ing my 14 month old son. I breastfed my daughter until she was 16 months old and I got pregnant with my son. My son does not drink well from the cup. As far as bf'ing I am sort of not offering/not refusing. He can drink from the cup but doesn't like it. He also has a milk protein allergy. He cannot have any milk products. I give him rice milk in his cup which of course he takes a few sips and throws it down. Today at the sitter's he only took a couple of sips of water. Because of the milk protein allergy, I am also on a dairy-free diet and have been since he was 10 days old. It really sucks. When I have tried to reintroduce dairy into my diet he breaks out in hives....still. So, I am wanting to wean...but I feel bad doing that because he's not drinking well from the cup. What would you do?

Second question....I guess is more for those with allergies, but it is about calcium. If you can't have dairy products how do I ensure he's getting enough calcium??? I've asked his pedi and they're not concerned...but I am...especially since he doesn't take the enriched rice milk. Should I continue to breastfeed for the calcium factor???
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