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February 25th, 2013, 07:19 PM
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Hey guys, I forget too! Sometimes I open two tabs so I can look back easily while I update. Today is not one of those days! I got back from my appointment a couple of hours ago (my RE is 3 hrs away) and am ready to go to bed!

Jenlynn, do you know when you will have ER? I'm guessing you have posted about it and I'm just blind tonight since I'm tired. I'm glad to have a cycle buddy, it will give me something other than me to focus on

I had BW and US today and I started the Menopur today, 300 iu/4 vials. The RE has been telling me that I will have to do IM for like a month and today they changed their mind, so sub q it is! I won't complain about that. I think they felt bad for me or something because I was about the only person there by myself; DH can't come since every appointment ends up taking the entire day. I won't have another appointment until next Tuesday, which will be my last day of stims so hopefully it works. The NP originally told me Friday morning, I asked if it would be possible to come in the afternoon since I get done with work at 11 on Friday and had a 3 hour drive and she just said to wait until Tuesday. I guess the figure since I don't have any documented issues it should work. Makes me slightly nervous there wont be a mid cycle US, but I guess I will just go with it since I'm not the Dr and he's been doing this for a very long time (somewhere close to 20 years I think) and his success rates are fairly high.

I hope everyone is doing great and has had a wonderful day!

Oh I forgot to add... Trigger shot (novarel/hcg) scheduled for Wed (3/6), ER (3/8), ET (3/11). RE typically does 3 day transfer, but told us he will put back 3 embryos if we want him to.
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