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February 25th, 2013, 09:00 PM
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My 5 week old boy makes a distinctive cry when he is passing gas or pooping. His face turns red and he looks so uncomfortable and in pain. He usually farts/poops for about 2 minutes of crying and looking as though he is straining and we feel so bad for him. Anyone who has held him asks us if he is okay when he starts making these faces and crys. But as soon as he has passed the gas or finished his buisness he is fine. Even if he was asleep the gas will wake him up to cry, but immediatly after the gas has passed he will stop crying and go back to sleep. Any advice? We have Gas Drops, and we are Breastfeeding with formula supplimentation of no more than one or two bottles a day. Today I bought Gentle Ease for Fussy babies formula for when he is supplimented.
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