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February 25th, 2013, 09:06 PM
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What kind of lotion are you using? Have you tried putting a humidifier in the room with him? I found that my sons feet were very dry and peeling a week or so after he was born and I determined it was from his socks. So I would take his socks off and put lotion on his feet every time I changed him. The lotion I used was Aveeno, which is oatmeal based. I know that its more expensive, but my daughter has sensitive skin and I learned to used Aveeno a long time ago instead of oil based products. It could also have somethign to do with the detergent that you are using on his clothes. Are you using Dreft or All for babies? Mabye you need to play around with your detergents a little bit to see what irritates him and what doesnt. If your bathing him more than every other day it could also be drying out his skin. My doctor said with a newborn there is really no reason to give him his "bath" more than every three days because they are so covered and cared for. But if your not putting gloves on him, you would want to wash his hands every day. Let me know if any of this works for you.
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