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February 26th, 2013, 06:25 AM
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not exactly...... I do buy local produce when available. Sydney also drinks lactose free milk because like me, regular milk is rough on her belly. I also try to avoid fake sugar, being a type 1 diabetic myself this isn't always completely easy, especially if I want a treat for myself but don't want to have to accommodate by giving myself butt tons of insulin but fake sugar (specifically sugar alcohols) wreak havoc on my digestive track....really nothing is completely off limits for the kids I guess but we do tend to eat pretty healthy non processed foods, that doesn't mean my kids don't have an oreo from time to time though I eat a very low carb diet because it reduces my insulin intake and keeps my blood sugars in check but at the same time it's a tough balance because I tend to lose weight quickly when I go too low carb, most people would like that but I don't, I hate being uber skinny lol...I have given up all sodas and carbonated beverages recently so I drink only water (most of the time) I also drink coffee...duh and my kids drink mostly water and milk and sometimes juice although neither are huge juice fans.
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