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February 26th, 2013, 06:57 AM
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It's funny you post this because DH just brought this up 2 weeks ago. I thought he was crazy but I kept thinking about it. When I was googling, I came across sperm donor websites or clinics websites. They had a FAQ and instructions for insemination. Basically once you had your vial, wait 30 mins, use syringe (like a preseed syringe) prop hips inseminate, stay lying down for 30 mins and use a menstrual cup to help keep it in (although not necessary). Gotta figure they know it best since they're in the business lol. Really though its nothing more then what these ladies have already posted lol.....see we are Pro's lol

See DH has ED issues so we were thinking up other ways to increase our chances. Geez if he would just go to the Dr we wouldn't have to get so scientific lol I guess it keeps TTC interesting I will give it that much

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