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February 26th, 2013, 07:30 AM
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I don't think they are 'hood' names, maybe once upon a time that's what people would have thought, but unique names are so 'normal' anymore, most people think nothing of it.

Mine have pretty traditional first names, then there is Lupan (which is technically his middle name) and Colton has Mangus as a middle name and is what the husband calls him. Both are Apache cheifs, and Lupan means wolf. Of course with all of the Harry Potter movies people think it has something to do with that. Um, he was born before the movies...idiots lol

My sisters boys names are almost identical, and that's were I have a hard time cause I can't remember who is who. There's Davon (dad), Davion, Devon, Darian. Two of them are 'his' children technically, and when they were thrown in the mix....I became confused. It's a good thing she is patient with me cause outside of my oldest niece Rosemary, I can not remember order or names. Well Kotey is next so those two are the ones I can remember.
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