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February 26th, 2013, 09:02 AM
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Before I answer any of your questions, what is your daughter's height, weight, and onesie size? What is your budget? What vehicle(s)? What does your son ride in?

I would never recommend a 3-in-1 seat (except the Radian, and I'll get to that). None of them should ever be used as a booster. They position the seat belt over the soft part of the belly which can cause serious internal injuries. The Radian as a booster is essentially useless. It has a 50lbs minimum, and it does not adjust any higher, meaning a child will outgrow the harness and the booster at the same time. So the Radian is an awesome convertible, and I would consider its booster function to be non-existent.

That being said, there are tons of other seats on the market (Radian included) that will get your daughter to a safe booster age (5-6yrs). You want to focus on RFing until age 3-4 and harnessing to age 5-6. A booster is so far away for her that it shouldn't be on your radar yet. Get a good convertible that will get you to boostering, and then worry about that.

One more thing about the Radian. It does fit in most vehicles with the help of the angle adjuster. That separate purchase ($10-$12) is approved for use with the Radian, and it allows it to sit much more upright. Some vehicles don't need the angle adjuster to make it fit, and others require it.
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