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February 26th, 2013, 10:40 AM
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So, Kyah has been taking cat naps every day for at least a couple of weeks now, probably longer. She usually will take a regular nap in the morning time for a couple of hours. Since she doesn't go to sleep until about midnight nowadays and gets up at 6:30. She pretty much can't keep herself from taking a regular nap in the mornings just to get a sufficient amount of sleep. The cat naps are just killing me!! Okay, maybe not killing me, but they are rough on me!! Her nap times are just about the only time I get for me! But, even that is impossible if she insists on me holding her through her cat nap!! So, she gets really sleepy, rubbing her eyes with her little fists and all, showing me she is sleepy. I then either nurse her (if that's what she wants), or bounce her to sleep. But, she will only sleep for maybe 20-30 minutes and most often I have to hold her or the timing is even less than that. This happens probably 4 times throughout the day/evening. Sometimes more. I just wish she would at least take 2 regular naps then she can skip the cat naps if that would help!

Does your baby take cat naps?

Do you ever have to hold your baby through naps?

Does your baby take both cat naps and regular naps?

How long are your babies naps?

How much sleep do you feel that babies this age need?

Any tips or tricks or advice concerning this subject?

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