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February 26th, 2013, 10:43 AM
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Not really any stipulations here. We eat a half decently balanced diet and follow the basic rule of everything in moderation. I'm not into banning snack foods or treats from the house and Aidan is allowed a small treat if he's eaten a decent meal. He's not a huge sweet eater, so he's always more than satisified with just one or two candies/cookies. He's not one of these kids who goes completely nuts and glutenous around junk food, so it's always been very easy to keep things well within control. I've seen kids at birthday parties go bat **** crazy over candy and that would drive me bonkers.

I guess my one "ban" is pop and juice at home. Aidan only drinks milk and water at home. If we go out to the movies or special outing, he gets a non caffeinated pop, like Sprite. He's not really a fan of juice, probably since he's never really had it much and that's fine with me. He eats fruit for that fix.

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