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February 26th, 2013, 11:14 AM
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So i cant even remember the last time i was on here! My Lo is doing very well. i havent gone back to work but looking for a pt job just for the extra money. Anderson is a total dare devil! i call him evil canevil. im surprised he hasnt broken any bones or had a concussion yet the way he is! he has no fear, such a typical boy! the dog has learned to like him and his big sis is just plain annoyed with him in her room touching her things(its hillarious) but she does love him soo much and is a huge helper for me. i cant believe spring is around the corner, we will be spending most of our time outside im sure. i have managed to achieve a lifetime member at weight watchers so im proud of myself for that, and im joining a gym where ill be doing the daycare for 2 hrs. 1/day a week which inturn gives me the membership free. cant complain life is generally good! hope your all doing well! will post a recent pic soon!

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