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February 26th, 2013, 11:21 AM
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I am taking Fenugreen and Blessed Thistle. I just started taking it about four days ago.

I'm actually quite frustrated with my husband. Even this morning. I nursed our son, on both sides, on the couch after our daughter left for school then decided to join my husband for a nap. When I layed down the baby started crying. Well it was gas, but my husband claimed he was hungry. I told him he was just feed but side nursed him again for the sake of argument. Of course he took it, but was just treating me like a pacifier because he was upset and gassy. when he unlatched and started to doze off I got up to walk the dog. Its snowing so I just took her down to pee and came back up. 5 minutes maybe lapsed and when I walked back in the front door my husband was on the couch with the baby trying to get him to take a bottle of formula. Really? I told him he wasnt hungry, and even humored him by nursing him again. But he still felt like the crying must have been hunger and made him a 4oz formula bottle the second I walked out the door. I just said "do you want me to fail at breastfeeding?" sigh.
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