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February 26th, 2013, 12:20 PM
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So, feeling very...out... this cycle i am preparing for the next.

RECAP: Just finished 3rd cycle of 50mg clomid. Timed BD. 1st cycle BFP loss at 4wk4d. other ycles nada. My doc has said she thinks the clomid is giving me residual cysts (?).

PLAN NEXT CYCLE: she wants to bump me up to 100mg and trigger shot with either IUI or timed BD. with lots of monitoring of my follis.

So, the question i have for all of you...

All things being stated, would you either:

A) Go with her plan for a cycle and go from there?

B) Ask for Femara right now for my next cycle and ask for all other aspects of the plan to remain the same?

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