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February 26th, 2013, 03:55 PM
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Cassthomas Ė good luck when you test!

JenLynn Ė glad your follies are growing nicely!

Stillwaiting Ė good luck when you have your bloodwork done. Iím just curious, why are you so focused on your FSH? I mean I know that FSH can give you an indication on ovarian reserve, so of course thatís always good to know, but will your clinic cancel your cycle if itís too high or change your protocol or something along those lines? I know youíve probably mentioned in the past, but sorry I canít rememberÖhow many follicles did you have with your first IVF?
(if Iím sounding derogatory or anything like that, Iím very sorry, because Iím not meaning to, itís so hard to get the context of your words across on these boards sometimes, and Iím honest curious)

Gretchen Ė lolÖlove the valium a day before the PIO, but your right, donít think REís will go for it. Just think about your precious embies settling in for the long haul whenever you think you canít do a PIO!

J and K Ė yay for starting stims!!! Keep us updated on how things are going!

AFM Ė not much going on, I did mention to my supervisor at work that I might have to take some time off for the week of the 17th instead of the following week, so we are going to make some changes now to hopefully make things easier when I do get the date for transfer, but I think Iím still going to take the BCP a day or two longerÖIíll kind of decide each morning

OhÖ.and I love how we have both the POAS Pusher President and the POAS Intervention Mafia Queen cycling together!

BABY BOY due June 6

Me 40 DH 42 with an amazing 15yo DS
TTC #2 NTNP starting in 2009
actively TTC (BBT and OPKs) 2011
natural BFP Feb 2012, ending in mmc Apr with d&c in May
IVF Sep 2012, 4 eggs retrieved, 2 mature, 1 fertilized, but showed abnormal
growth, so not suitable for transfer
Nov 2012 IVF take 2 = 3 embryos, but due to concerns with lining unable to transfer
Jan 2013 endometrial biopsy = normal
Mar FET transferred 2 beautiful embryos, but unfortunately BFN
moving to donor eggs fall of 2013
Septemeber 30, 2013 - surprise BFP while waiting for DE
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