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February 26th, 2013, 06:21 PM
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Naps are so frustrating for me right now but I'm trying not to stress myself out about it too much. Until 6 months babies are still working out their daytime sleep and most of the time their cycles are only 45 minutes with difficulty staying asleep once the cycle is over. Remy naps pretty much on cue 30-45 minutes (still trying to figure out why some are only 30 minutes) and he has a very hard time staying awake for any length of time since his naps are short. It makes for a tough day when I feel like I'm trying to put him to sleep more than he's actually sleeping! I found and I've been reading a lot on there. You might find it helpful too! I think the first thing I would do is try to get Kyah used to being in a specific place (her crib, pack n play, etc.) for her naps rather than holding her. Have you tried swaddling, white noise, dark room? I stopped swaddling Remy but I think I might get a Zipadee-Zip | The Solution to the Swaddle Transition! and see if that helps his sleep. White noise is part of our routine and I think it signifies sleep for him now.

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