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February 26th, 2013, 09:40 PM
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Looks like tomorrow is going to be O day. Keep in mind, I rarely get blaring positive opk's if I'm not taking something to help me O (vitex, soy etc).

10-11am, 2:15pm, 4:30pm, 7:30pm

4:30 looks like if I'd have held it another hour (couldn't, had to leave the house) it would have been positive. but 7:30 lacks the "as dark as control" bit in the test line.

If today isn't the day, our chances will drop. Not just because it's getting late in my cycle... well when we went to clean up, I was covered in blood... and it wasn't mine. Dh's skin along his member was split and bleeding. He needs time to heal apparently. I'm not going to ask him to put out anymore, he will have to come to me.

Today did bring the slipperiest CM I'v seen all cycle, which is a nice sign. I was starting to think that Soy scrambled my bodies brain!

I have been told however, that we can get kittens. But.. there's a catch. He wants my least favorite sexual act (which he gets when he knocks me to up too..., but I offered that bribe lol). Of course.. he can't actually do it right now. UGH. But I've been looking for kittens online, and there are squat around here for actual kittens. Best I can hope for is DH brings home 2 from his parents house in April when he comes home... we want baby kittens, as freshly tossed from mom's boobies as possible.... everyone has 4-6m old kittens.. but we want them in the itty bitty stage (8-9weeks, we don't want to take them too soon from mom, but we'd be looking at domesticated barn cats if he brings from his parents. Meaning, mom lives outside, until she gives birth, then she's a house cat, and so are the kittens, then she goes back out after they'er weaned). Even Craigslist doesn't have any!!!!!!!

Guess he figures I deserve some sort of a baby.
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