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February 26th, 2013, 11:39 PM
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does your baby take cat naps? yes he usually will fall asleep while nursing but once I move he up. He will also fall asleep in carseat most of time which is almost always a short trip

do you ever have to hold baby through cat naps? see above lol

does your baby take both regular naps and cat naps? he usually does but will sometimes just nap or just a few cat naps

how long are your babys naps he usually naps for like 3 hours or so

how much sleep do you feel babies this age need? I feel like they sleep as much as they need, of course thats not always true at which at that point we try to get him to nap or sleep

And no tips or tricks really, Matthew olny naps in his swing or carseat. I want to try to get him to nap in crib but he just wont do it now

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