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February 27th, 2013, 12:24 AM
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Hi Emilie and welcome to our playroom!! I'm Michelle, proud Mommy of baby Kyah as well as 4 older kiddos Very nice to "meet" you, and I hope you stick around!

I am having sleep issues as well, only mine are different than yours. Kyah doesn't have trouble getting to sleep, just staying asleep. Lol, just the opposite of little Olivia!

The first thing I thought of while reading your issue, was bedtime routine. Which you are already following! Does her bedtime routine include a warm bath? That always helps Kyah sleep. My next thought is what is your approach to getting her to sleep? Have you tried rocking her to sleep? That used to work when Kyah was much younger, but now I have to actually "bounce" her to sleep. That is where I sit on the edge of a chair or bed and literally bounce lightly while holding her against my chest, and that puts her to sleep easily. Of course, it isn't really as easy as it sounds though...believe it or not bouncing a baby to sleep each day can be rough on your back. However, it does work for my baby girl.

Have you tried running a fan on low in the room? Sort of for the noise I suppose. I always have our fan on low, facing a different direction (not blowing on baby), and I think it also helps.

I'm not sure what the setting is like for you, when you try getting Olivia to sleep. Are there distractions (tv, lights, etc)?

Could you tell us what your approach is to putting Olivia to sleep? Then maybe I could come up with some more ideas

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