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February 27th, 2013, 02:27 PM
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This made me laugh, my DH still makes remarks about how our midwife should have refunded us part of what we paid for our home birth since she didn't make it for the actual birth. I had a 1 hour active labor and by the time that I called her, there just wasn't enough time to get here before she was born. Even my midwives assistant, who was about 20 minutes away, arrived about a half hour after the birth. When they got here though, they did jump right in and began caring for the baby and myself and cleaning things up.

Normally, the afterbirth care is more work than actual birth care for midwives. That is the most delicate time for baby and mom, and most midwives stay around to clean and make sure everyone is stable. So I can completely understand why they would not refund the fee.
I agree, they can't charge based on how much time they spend with you in labor. Some moms are in labor for days, when others are only in labor for a few hours. The actual amount of work they need to do for labor itself is minimal - not to make it sound like midwives can be lazy during labor, it's just more monitoring mom and baby and letting her labor as she needs to. I would put it on the same level with if a mom needs to transfer during labor, most midwives will not refund part of the cost.
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