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February 27th, 2013, 03:50 PM
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Depression is one thing that many Mom's suffer from post baby that is. It is our time for our bodies to go back to normal and it takes a while for everything to regulate... The best advice I have for you is to take time time for just u everyday. For me it was after my son went to bed at night... I would write, do homework (I was going back to college), journal, paint, ect. The next thing I did was to tAlk with my ob and my primarily healthcare provider and determine the need for medication. I was put on meds that same day, which allowed me to function... Additionally I was given a referral to psychologists that would help to fine tune my meds. All in all I was on them for three months and then able to stop them. Since then I have been on and off meds for anxiety, but that's always been my problem, possibly more so then the depression. Any who I hope this helps.
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