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February 27th, 2013, 10:12 PM
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first, I thought i'd share a little bit of my story.

baby #1:
when I was 6 weeks pregnant with her I was "spotting", the er dr told me that there was a tear in between the placenta&uterus. he said a miscarriage was possible. my water broke at 22 weeks. she lived for an hour. june 2008.

baby #2:
she was born at 37 weeks. November 2011.

baby #3:
I was 25 weeks pregnant when I had a placental abruption. i began hemorhagging. they performed an emergency C-section, received a blood transfusion. apparently, the placenta was also calcified. my son had serious complications due to this and lived for 2 weeks. September 2012.

I am now pregnant with baby #4. due in October. I am seeing the same doctor that I saw with my last two. in fact I haven't even seen him, yet. they do these pregnancy counseling session type meetings with you at the office I go to. went to that yesterday. they scheduled my due date ultrasound two weeks from now, they will then make my first exam. WHY are they treating this pregnancy like it is no big deal?! I am scared to death for this baby, my daughter, my family&myself. I'm afraid that another placental abruption will occur, or something else. what should I do??!
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