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February 27th, 2013, 10:21 PM
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Hello Michelle, JoLina and Stefani! Thank you all for the suggestions! I am not really complaining about Olivia's sleeping. I have it much better than before! She had a 4 month sleep regression where she was up literally at least 2 or three times an hour all night long for almost a month. Completely exhausted, I tried to Ferberize her. It did work yes but I am started to get afraid she would become afraid of being abandoned all night and give up on trying to call me if she needed anything. I gave up I couldn't take the crying. It was too much to see her like that. I tried starting her routine today at 8:30, finished at 9 and she was asleep at 9:30. Much better than 11. I nurse her until she is mostly asleep after her routine (which does include a warm bath with lots of splashing. She went down with no crying at all tonight! Thank you for the suggestions and for telling me about your little ones. This whole motherhood thing is so new to me, and completely unexpected at that. Olivia is the best oops I have ever done.
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