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February 28th, 2013, 06:30 AM
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Yes, Tricare will cover EVERYTHING (meds, procedures, tests, etc.) until you add IUI or IVF to the mix. Once you add IUI or IVF, they are technically supposed to cover nothing.


Your RE may be able to get some things covered. For example, my CD3 ultrasound was always covered, because my RE coded it as being diagnostic/checking for cysts or other issues. Somehow my progesterone was always covered, even when I was doing IUI or IVF. Sometimes they also covered my trigger shot. I don't know why sometimes they did and sometimes they didn't. I never lied if asked what procedures we were doing, but I also never corrected them if they said that they would cover something that they technically didn't have to cover.

Once you confirm a pregnancy, everything else your RE does is also covered. Betas and ultrasounds fall under "early pregnancy monitoring" and are covered 100%.

I hope that helps!

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