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February 28th, 2013, 06:46 AM
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I do NIP! I cover and try to be discreet, but I'm not letting someone else's feelings deter me from feeding my baby! Many times, I can't go to a car and I REFUSE to nurse in a restroom. To that recommendation, I tell people why don't you take your meal and eat it in there....Oh, wait, that's disgusting you say??? It's nasty to eat where the toilet is???? Yet, you feel I should let my baby eat there??? I think not, LOL. When the boys have practice, etc, and I"m there by myself with them, it's impossible for me to go to the car. I've yet to have anyone say anything or shoot me any dirty looks. I will say that the more kids I've had, the more comfortable I am NIP. She's my 4th and I'm far more comfortable with her. Like I said, I do try to cover and be discreet. Not that anyone would see anything if I wasn't covered with how she latches and I also pull my shirt up and unsnap my no skin is even exposed. I just don't want her distracted by what's going on around her.

True friend was very discreetly (covered and all) NIP on a bench in the mall. A man made a comment about how disgusting that was and that someone might see her boob (again she was completely covered) while right behind her was Victoria's Secret with a HUGE poster covering their entire store front with a model who had so much cleavage hanging out of her bra that really only her nips were covered. My friend looks at the guy and then looks back at the poster....she says "You have an issue with my feeding my baby because of the very unlikely possibility that you may see a small amount of flesh, but you won't because I'm covered, yet you're perfectly fine with THAT <nodding towards the poster>" She said the guys face got so red and he stumbled over his words, not knowing what to say, before he finally apologized and walked away.
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