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February 28th, 2013, 08:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Megp View Post
While my son was in the hospital they put him on it and it was awful. He went from a calm baby to the hulk. He was angry and screamed non stop and wouldn't sleep. They tried to discharge us and I refused until they switched the meds. They thought I was nuts but it turned out it was the medicine.
I hate this drug! I haven't used it for my kids but I have taken it myself before once and had a really awful reaction to it that I haven't forgotten. They gave it to me intravenously once at the hospital for a migraine. I really thought they might check me into their psych ward because I freaked out on it. Well, I didn't act crazy or anything but my heart felt like it was racing, I felt sweaty, and like I was going to die. It felt sort of like an anxiety attack but I felt this urge to move, like I couldn't sit in the hospital room any longer. From what I understand, all of that was a reaction to the medicine. I wouldn't give this to my kids because I would worry that they were having the kind of reaction I had and not have a way to tell me. It was a really scary/uncomfortable feeling.

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