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February 28th, 2013, 09:15 AM
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Haha! Above stories cracked me up! I have had 3 now. I have 4 kiddos total. #1 was slow and didn't progress leading to an emergency section due to decels. Fertility issues and losses for the next 8 years, brings us to #2.

#2 - I light labored overnight, contractions not too bad 5-7 minutes apart, we took my son to school and I already had a 7:45 dr appointment so we went in with me using my lamaze breathing by then. Things were escalating, and the nurses and my doctor were making me annoyed, they didn't think it was actually time (granted we were 6 wks early). I was like, we are having a baby, TODAY, and SOON! The wheeled me to labor and delivery, checked me, said Oh you're 5 already. I was like, told ya so! Then my water broke and it was on, things escalated so quickly, and I had to have another section anyway because baby was transverse/breech (call it sideways for pete's sake). They ran me to OR, I could hardly sit still for the prep, laid me down and my doctor went to work and less than 10 minutes later we had a baby. So I went from having mild contractions around 6:00am, to mean ones, to baby by 10:30am.

#3 - Fastest and worst. Once again, I am high risk, baby is breech, I've been on bedrest for 2+ wks, we're still 4 wks early. Saturday morning, the kids get up around 7, I move from bed to couch, I realize I am having some contractions and they're decent ones. Decide I need to go to L&D but think I have plenty of time, we live 4 blocks from hospital now. Decide to shower. Bad idea, by the time I've washed my hair I've decided it is an EMERGENCY. I'm moaning and crying, we have to go NOW. I didn't even know if I was going to make it to the hospital. Get there, the stupid nurses once again don't believe me. I'm whipping off my clothes and jumping on the bed begging for drugs, the slow nurse who I want to strangle checks me and I'm complete w/ waters bulging. All of a sudden there are 5 people in the room trying to get me ready, and I'm crying and breathing through contractions trying not to push. Worst thing I've ever felt in my life! My doctor (who just happened to be leaving when I rolled in) says, well lets just see if we can have him right now instead of going for a section. Having never actually pushed a baby out, I'm freaking and continuing to breathe through contractions. Ultrasound shows baby is breech though, so they run me to the OR and it was too emergent they couldn't do an epidural or normal anesthesia so I had to be completely under. I woke up feeling like I had been run over by a steam roller. It was awful. In the end, I had gone from realizing I was having contractions to complete in less than 45 minutes, but had to wait and breathe through contractions for another 30-40 minutes. I tell you, I must be a sissy but it was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life and I was compeltely irrational. LOL!

#4 - I was terrified of another birth like the last, so when I realized that I was having regular contractions I went in immediately, do not pass go, do not collect $200. I ran. I was 7wks early. They hooked me up to the machines, checked me and I was a 3-4. Monitor me for 30ish minutes and I was 7. Yup, you're going to have a baby. Duh, I know that! They didn't mess around this time, they prepped me and had me in the OR in 20 minutes or less maybe, and I was breathing hard through contractions when they did my spinal. My regular Perinatologist didn't even make it in, the on call doctor who happened to be there did my section. (It went really badly, but that's a whole nother story)

I am expecting #5 in June, and I am scared to death again. I do not want a labor and deliver like my last two. They were horrifying. I will once again RUN to L&D at the first sign of consistent contractions. They have all been different, but I intend to be very proactive to avoid any big issues. I super feel for these moms you hear having babies in cars, ambulances, elevators, home, etc. With my issues it would be very bad. I wish it was different and I was a pop them out without a hitch person, but I'm not, so I just do the best I can.

Good Luck! I hope it goes well for you!!

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