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February 28th, 2013, 09:47 AM
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Awww! I'm sorry you are not feeling well! OK, I've had pre-e. We're talking significant swelling and pitting. My feet, legs, hands, arms, and face were so swollen my skin looked like it wanted to rupture, and it was SO painful. And touching it left deep marks that took a few minutes to bounce back into place. I literally couldn't wear shoes and socks. Flip flops left grooves in the tops of my feet. Also, my blood pressure was very high, and I normally have lowish bp too. Usually 1teens over high-60's. But my bp was running 140-160 over 90-100's. I was only spilling median amounts of protien but with everything else, plus terrible terrible headaches and vision issues was enough for him to diagnose it. I was put on bedrest, and we just monitored it. I'd say call your doctor if you are worried, it never ever hurts to call. Unless it is severe though, they won't really do anything about it but keep a good eye on you to make sure it doesn't progress to the point that you are acute and delivery is the only option.

Or at least all of the above was my experience and interpretation of it.

Good luck! Call your doctor and keep us posted!

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