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February 28th, 2013, 11:29 AM
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Over all I'm excited for this season... I think that the personalities are good, the house is nice, and the competition so far has been fun to watch.

1st thing I noticed that I really didn't like was how in the introductions they really tried to 'set up' 2 of the houseguests... I mean I so far I like both of them, but I would much rather they find that out for themselves... it makes me think that the show will be much more producer directed than I'd like to think it is.

The other thing was, and I may be mistaken that there is no actual 'outdoor' space... the back yard is still indoors.... I thought in the american version they at least did get some real sunlight... but maybe it's just really good natural 'looking' light. who knows. That would be hard for me to handle.

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