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February 28th, 2013, 07:22 PM
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Concieved nov 24
Not a smoker
Husband was a light smoker at the time
I did not drink
Husband drank 2days-day before.
No clomid
No iui or ivf
Bmi 25 or so.
We use ceiling fans constantly
I'm 25
I think missionary or laying sideways.
Yes had an 'o' or two
Not every day
No abstinence.
About every 2- or 3 days leading up to it
Wasn't sick.
No shower right before but yeah a hot shower that day.
Egg white consistancy.
Maintained weight. Lost weight 6 months earlier
No low cal diet
No excercise other than regular work
Moderate salt intake. Low protein
Normal calcium/mag intake. I Just took pnv
I was very stressed ttc without success. And depressed over failure to concieve
My husband is a childhood cancer survivor. He was told there was a very high possiblity he may not be able to have children based on the chemo, radiation, and surgery.
I found out at my first u/s that i have pcos and that was causing my long irregular periods and my progesterone was way low. So i say yes to both.
No nub theory
No ramzi theory
So, boy or girl?
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