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February 28th, 2013, 10:04 PM
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Hey, Ging!!

Sounds like you got yourself a lil guy who will go far and impact this world greatly! Congrats...sometimes the toughest kids to steer are often the ones that make the greatest impact. Not sure if you knew, but I was a teacher. I'm thinking Mr. Denton needs to be stimulated and have tons of pos reinforcement....whcih I KNOW u give him and yet, being human, tolerance is tough! Repetitive children = high blood pressured parents lol...!!!

I have some suggestions. It seems as if he is almost compulsively talking which is very normal for a young child considering they don't have a filter and their brains are going so fast, and growing so fast. What about giving him a little notebook so that during times of "innappropriate talking" times...he can jot it down there, revisit it later, and look over and fiter whether or not it is worth saying. This will help him develop a filter while also allowing him to experience all of his thoughts and feelings. I know, being an over active brainer' lol, that sometimes being bombarded with all sorts of thoughts and ideas can be overhwhelming. Perhaps, if he has an outlet, a notebook or something very small, he will feel the relief of expresing the thought though will have to then later review it, sit down with you, and see if it is up for discussion. Now, some things are un-school related and prob' very kid like...such as repeating strange things or irrelevant and unmeaningful things over and over.............I suggest a few things...since much of this repetiviness is very typical of children because it gives them a comfort...maybe giving him a watch and telling him that once he says it, he can;t repeat it for at least 2 the time 1 minute comes, the urge will be less. Encourgae him to write things down when you feel you are getting overwhelmed ....this way you can center yourself and he can still feel that anything he needs to say, will be time when it can be heard!!!

xoxoxo thinking of you....miss you!!! xoxoxoxo!!!
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