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February 28th, 2013, 10:22 PM
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Well, as some of you ladies know, I am the only Christian in my entire family. Dh's fam is very Jewish...though not religiously...weird, moreson just part of the "club" fact I'm pretty sure his parents are athiest but they seem to be very judgemental to Christiants. When I married DH I dabbled in Judiasm and given my mom being of Jewish decent, I know they were happy. Prior to that I had been going to bible studies and for 7 years found myself in church; despite my family never being religious or teaching me anything............

I'm saved now, I think, but dh has asked me to please keep it under the radar from his parents. Hisn relationship with them is fragile and they are very judgemental and tempermental. We have always all gotten along, moreso me and them then him and them. His mom and I are super close. About a week ago I "liked" something on facebook that somehow came up in the newsfeed and they both saw it. They flipped! Usually those things are not available in the newsfeed and I try to be platonic on FB with that stuff bc of them.........but I guess not enough and that is actually okay bc I do not want to hide my savior!!! Well, my MIL texted me saying her and my FIL were IRATE, and that she couldnt even text me bc she was literally THROWING UP after seeing that I "liked" this depiction of CHRIST. They said all their friends are calling them and they are so embarrassed. Now, my grandparents were of Jewish decent and THEY NEVER ACTED THIS WAY....EVER.....I wrote them both a long letter explaining that I believe what I do for a reason but that I would never dishonor where we came from or their legacy but sicne I have always embraced a divorced family with many issues, I hoped they could be accepting of me as I continue through life and my journey to be close with GOD. They have not responded and my heart is broken bc I hate when people judge me and when they are upset with me. I'm so uncomfortable even though I know they are being soooo prejudice and that is something I never tollerate!

I don't know what is to come but I am praying somehow I grow stronger and closer to the LORD and they are able to accept .....knowing.....................
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