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March 1st, 2013, 12:02 AM
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Ahh, i can't believe it has been so long since I've checked and responded! My apologies. So update on my story. After many calls and bugging them, after FIVE weeks, I finally got an appointment with an OB. I went in to basically force the issue on an 18 week appointment (which should have been with an OB), and when the nurse saw that i was this far without an OB she actually yelled at me. I fought back tears (poorly) and told her I had been waiting and started the process actually in advance. She then went and took her anger out on the receptionists and forced them to actually contact everyone they could to find me one. Apparently, OBs don't like to get patients in the middle of pregnancy Thanks, clinic, you're great. The nurse and doctor after that were super nice to me and kept telling me that they'd make sure everything got sorted. They checked what they were supposed to and referred me for my anatomy scan!! We found out gender, but I'm doing a gender reveal next weekend with my family so I'm keeping it super quiet until then, not even sharing on JM I'm so excited.

My OB appointment is March 21. I'm so relieved. I'm not actually sure which hospital she uses, but I'm very close to two, so it doesn't really matter.

Any updates with you? How are your boys?

Thank you, Jaidynsmum, for the amazing siggy

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