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March 1st, 2013, 01:30 AM
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The lower sperm count sways pink not blue.

You also forgot lifestyle affects. Very little to no exercise sways pink while moderate or a lot of exercise sways blue (any muscle building exercises). Weight loss sways pink.

Cereal doens't sway blue, eating breakfast sways because it raises your blood sugar levels. You want to signle to your body that it is in hard times so that it will increase your chances for a girl. Lower blood sugar levels, lower calories and nutrients signle hard times swaying pink. Skipping breakfast is also easier to skip then like lunch or dinner. If you eat breakfast balance it with a protien to try and keep your sugar low.

I can attest to the moon phases. My girls were conceived during the new moon or near the new moon and my boys close to or during full moons. My girls were concieved in Oct, Nov, and Dec. but I also had a boy in Oct and one in April. For me, seasons don't play a role.

Sleep deprivation sways pink also I've been told.

Muscle mass sways blue because of the testosterone. Competition sways blue to doesn't it since it raises testosterone?

Breastfeeding sways pink, antihistamines sway pink, timing doesn't really sway as shettles has been discredited, but there is some suggestion for the O+12 method.

Frequent release can sway pink if using withdrawl so that you aren't depositing each time and lowers the sperm count.

As far as the big O, I got my girls with one, and boys without.

Some are also using spermacide like 6 hours or so before attempting to try to kill off some of the swimmers, but not all, making it an unfreindly environment and therefore girl friendly. Its hard to get pregnant that way though...
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