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March 1st, 2013, 06:34 AM
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This is a slightly selfish post.
My kids have had the crud this week but are basically over it. Slight coughs which I dont worry much about as they tend to linger.
However, my 6 1/2 yr old has that horsey icky cough like something is trying to get out but just wont. So it lasts and lasts and he gets no relief and is totally unhappy about it. Otherwise he is fine. If his mind is off of it the cough isnt as bad but he has one more day of school to get through(I cant let him miss more) and he needs some relief even if not permanent just yet.

Any remedies that I can use. Ive tried a couple different OTC syrups(one regular and one herbal) and nothing so far. But this cough started yesterday morning...after he was feeling better and all that.
Im thinking honey cuz he hates lemons. Ive been giving him some soda too but I was thinking of honey this morning and maybe that might ease it some.

Honey or that Honey based Vicks medicine....any ideas?

Also what do you all use for fevers that isnt OTC stuff? Im just looking for ideas that tend to lean more natural for a few cold type things that can happen.

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