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March 1st, 2013, 07:19 AM
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Yeah, that was always my problem with maternity pants! Either the crotch sagged or the pants flooded, it seemed to be made for people with absolutely no butt . . . nothing ever fit right. In fact, I even have a trouble with most regular people jeans. There's 2 cuts of 1 brand of jeans that I can wear when not pregnant, and that's it.

Yeah, shopping for boys can be a bit easier, but you'd be surprised how much I managed to spend even on my boys LOL I LOVE baby shopping <3

Glad your job knows and ha adjusted your duties accordingly! It must be really hard to go from such a great job to where you are at now I hope when you return to working after the baby you can find your ideal job <3

I have a hard time finding time to write NOW. I hope to have book 2 finished by then (yeah right at the rate I'm going) so that I can take a couple months to just relax and enjoy the baby before getting back to writing.

right now I feel like I just can't catch up. I can't seem to keep the house clean. I can't seem to keep a decent flow of money going (so much to buy still, and I told my husband I'd buy all the baby stuff since he bought the new car and new furniture for us to make room for the baby). I'm WAY behind on my writing and just need to get it done, but it seems every night I end up doing something else/forgetting. Tonight I need to MAKE it happen.

I really want to get everything organized in the house and get rid of a lot of things, but I need help (or at least some company while I do it). I hate doing through everything by myself. Oh, and our fridge is broken LOL Yeah, we're a mess right now.

Where will your LO go when you go back to work? Stay with your mom, or daycare?
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